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You told me to sing so here's my song

Hello, My name is Lyndsay and I just joined this community...just lookin for someone to lend an ear =/

I met my boyfriend last October (2002) through a mutual friend. Of course we talked everyday and became best friends, then after two months in December we both admitted that we really liked each other. Keep in mind that he lives in Denver and I love in Atlanta.

Fast forward through the longest 8 months of my life to August 2003. We're still together and it just so happens that my boyfriend, Brian, is going to Jekyll Island (GA coast). Im 16 so I cant just go with him. So hes about 600 miles away in the same state but i still cant see him! To my luck my parents asked me if I wanted to go to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and of courseeee I said yes and my family and I went there while Brian was about 150 miles south of me.
Just to sum it up, i wrote the story a few days after it happened and saved it as a memory in my journal:

So here's what happened:

Wednesday I went to Hilton Head Island in SC, i haven't been to the beach in 6 years!! crazy! So yeah I get there and its beautiful, less than what i expected but i guess i got what i asked for.

And so i called Brian who was in Jekyll Island off the GA coast this week and we were talking on the phone as usual and we wanted to see each other but i really didn't think i could pull it off, driving down there to see him and all. And my poor boy got really sad and I felt sooo bad!!


i grabbed my keys to my parents car, snuck out, and it was like 12:44am when i left (imagine that) and Brian realllly didn't think I was coming, so i drove 3 hours and i'm outside this house he's staying at Jekyll and im like "i'm here!!" awww it was sweet! haha.
i told him i didnt think i could come but i did! so i really gave him a surprise!


he grabbed my hand and took me up to this little hill that was all sand and when we get to the top its THE BEACH!! omg it was soo beautiful!! it was the best suprise ever! and then we walked down by the water and layed down on the sand and talked and just looked at the stars, i could see sooo many!! and it was sooo nice out and just being there with him it was AMAZING! I almost started crying lol, but it was so incredibly sweet, the best 10 month gift ever. ahh it makes me so happy every time i think about it.
I am so in love.
it felt so right, there was no one around and we just layed there on the sand, it was so fucking incredible and he made me feel like we were on top of the world

saying goodbye was really hard for me =( i could barely get in the car and leave without crying, but the drive home was only 90 minutes that time. my parents dont know, holy crap if they did...
I got home at 7:44 am (im so serious, 44 after, i even have 44 people on my friends list and i didnt make it that way, hmm)
I can't even tell you how amazing i felt, just being there with his arms around me laying on the beach alone, gah
best day of my life
now he's back in denver and i miss him incredibly

I love you Brian ♥

So now its the middle of November and its been really hard not seeing him since August. He has the money for a plane ticket but the only problem is, is that his parents wont let him come here, Im MORE than welcome to stay with him and his family in Denver but my parents wont let me go off to stay with some boy (as they put it)whom they've never met themselves. My dad gave me this whole speech on how long distance relationships "never work" and blah blah blah blah. But seriously I know we can make it through this, i just really really want to see him asap because i know it will make things a million times easier.
My parents even sent me to a therapist because I cried one day in front of them and now they think im depressed and some stupid crap like that.

I would be so grateful if someone helped me. I just really dont know how to tell my parents that we're falling in love with each other more and more every day, I guess im just afraid they'll think im stupid and quite frankly im embarassed to tell them. They want me to move on and find someone around here (not gonna happen, believe me). Ive already found someone so why cant they let me see him?
Some for all the rambling. I hope someone here was crazy enough to read this.

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