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Just a little rant.

It really annoys me when people think that because you're in a LDR, it's "pathetic" bc they think you can't find someone local, and just clinging to someone far away like a fantasy. Like they think you just don't know how to date or meet people locally, and that you are afraid of breaking up with your ldr so because you dont think you'd know how to find anyone else or date.

It's annoying that a lot of people don't believe that LDRs could work out, and that we're just wasting our times with it, when we could have having fun hooking up with other people or whatever.

It's also annoying that they think LDRs don't work out because everyone needs the physical aspects of it, and "oh you're gf/bf is probably cheating on you over there anyway." True, I like physical aspects of it, but I love him, and if it's meant to be, it'll work out, and all the loneliness/hardships of the LDR.... he's completely worth it.

Just a rant.
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