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When you're in a LDR with someone, which one of these visitation ideas would appeal to you the most?
A) You get to see him/her every few weeks to once a month, but you can only see him/her for a weekend.
B) You get to see him/her every few months, but you get to see him/her for a week
C) You get to see him/her from a year to a few years, but you get to see him/her for a whole month

my choice:
I think that I would most likely choose B. That is sorta how we're in right now. Although it would be awesome every few weeks, but a weekend is just so short, and it'll be over really quick. And if you have to spend money on plane tickets or driving anyway, you should make it worth it, right, and not just like two days, which would seem so short. And I didn't pick C because I don't think I'd want to wait for a few years, even if I do see him for a whole month. I guess I'm just not patient enough.
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