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::ring:: Hello?

x-post from longdistanceluv

Hi, I'm Brittney, 19, Louisiana ,i been in a long distance relationship a total of 2 mos. with Josh,18, Colorado i. just join the community and i thought i would share my story and things that are right now and maybe you can tell me what you think..

I met Josh about 5 years ago in a chat and we started talking maybe like once a week well that turn into twice a week to everyday. it was weird i had to have a Josh fix once he day. He said he need a Britt fix the same way. So we are just friends that tend to like each other right?...Wrong. well he has been on and off with his girlfriends. I have heard his trials and tribulations on each girlfriend. i knew he had a girlfriend and it was harmless flirting but whatever. i didn't do anything to jeopardise the realtionship..honestly what can i do he's in colorado and only met me on the internet..i mean come on. his gf who is also his first love broke up with him and he was not to good soo i try the best i can via the internet to help him but anywho he says he wants to come to New Orleans for a week on vacation cause he wants to spend his birthday with me. I should meantion Josh is from Colorado. Well the 1st day he is here we kiss unexpected but it just fell right(weird besides the fact he was my first kiss)..ya know..anyway well we plann on doing the long distance relationship..well its October and this is all in August. Oi

Well now we have been talking on the phone and he says it isn't the same i am different on the phone than i am on the internet or in person..he says i am more immature and like a child....yet i can see where he sees this i don't feel i purposely act this way with him and honestly i think i was like this before. ::sighs:: i mean i love him to death and i am going to see him in January a whole 6 mos pass since we have seen each other. but still i have gotten in more arguements over the phone than b4 on the internet when we never fought..
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