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new member...anyone need awesome layouts?

Im new to this community because i just found out about it. I met my girlfriend on livejournal and we havent met yet...i know i know that sounds bad but im sure many of you out there understand. We both cant afford plane tickets to come see each other so we have been trying to save up but with bills and everyday life its really hard. So i was going to offer anyone that i would make them a full complete layout for a small price so i can earn money to get on a plane to see her. I do make very good layouts, i wish i had an example but the one in my journal right now isnt fully finished so its looking kind of rough but you can still check it out. This one is pretty basic but thats what i was going for so, if anyone is interested please contact me either by leaving a comment, email, or you can try aim but sometimes i dont get messages so if i dont respond please email me. I appreciate anyone who will help me out, i just cant wait a second longer to hold her in my arms.
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